How to make a Rum Negroni Cocktail

How to make a Rum Negroni Cocktail with the Devon Rum Company's Premium and Honey Spiced Rums
The classic Negroni cocktail is as Italian as Guinness is Irish. Made famous for its dryness, this suave cocktail is a simple blend of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. The result? A scorched scarlet drink that delivers a bittersweetness with every mouthful. 
Naturally, the Negroni’s dryness and bitter botanical notes made it something of an insider’s serve for many years. But that all changed with the emergence of the craft gin market. Suddenly, the Negroni became a staple on any classy cocktail bar’s menu. 
But enough about the trials and tribulations of the traditional Negroni. Let’s talk about our version – the Rumgroni!
To add a little more oomph to this Italian classic, we’ve subbed out the gin for our award-winning Premium and Honey Spiced Rums. The Honey Spiced Rum adds a little extra sweetness to the drink, taking the edge off the bitterness, while the Premium Spiced Rum adds a level of spice that pairs perfectly with the drink’s natural dryness.

How to make a Rumgroni

To create our Rum Negroni, you’ll need:
- 50ml Sweet Vermouth (we’d suggest Martini Rosso)
- 50ml Campari
- Ice
- Slice of Orange Peel
Start by adding ice, Honey Spiced Rum, Premium Spiced Rum, Sweet Vermouth and Campari to a mixing glass. Stir well and strain into a fresh glass with a large cube of ice. Pinch the orange zest over the top of the glass to release its citrus oils, then fold and use as a garnish.
Making a Rum Negroni with the Devon Rum Company's Honey and Premium Spiced Rums
And there you have it – a rum-filled remix on one of Italy’s most iconic gin cocktails. For more great rum cocktail ideas, visit our rum cocktail collection online today!