So here's the guys behind Devon Rum Company. Dave started the business in March 2020 (great timing Dave!) and Giles joined in August to head up sales. Dave and Giles both love Devon, the outdoors and rum; so that's a great start! 

We set out to ensure that products and ingredients are sourced ethically, that all packaging is acquired from sustainable sources wherever possible and critically to us, that we use no plastics and all packaging is 100% recyclable. 

We’re in the Craft Rum business; we’re all passionate about what we do and we’ve made it our mission to show everyone what is so amazing about Craft Rum, what makes it so different to mass-produced alternatives and why you should try it! (even if it does cost a few quid more!)

"Time flies when you're having rum!"


"Just bought my first bottle today and I have to say it won’t be my last.  Lovely and smooth with a liquorice after taste. Going to sit down by the sea as the sun goes down with a glass of this in hand. Brilliant!"

Tim J. - Facebook review

"What a beautiful craft spiced rum. Lovely tasting notes of cinnamon, cardamom and orange.

Could not recommend this premium craft spiced rum enough. I enjoy it on the rocks"

Johnathon B. - Google Reviews

Hands down the best Rum I have ever tasted, 4 bottles in so far this year!

Great packaging too, looks to be all paper based, right down to the packaging tape

Andrew T. - Google reviews