How to Make a Devon Sunset Cocktail

How to Make a Devon Sunset Cocktail with Black Spiced Rum by Devon Rum Company

There's nothing better than sitting on the sands to watch the sunset in Devon. The warmth of those last few rays on your skin. The sound of the waves rolling in and out. It's unbeatable, especially when shared with friends.

It was with this picture in mind that we created our Devon Sunset cocktail - the perfect summer sundowner.

Our Devon Sunset cocktail is created by blending our new Black Spiced Rum with one of rum's most popular mixers - ginger ale. The result is a simple-but-effective serve that combines rich tones of blackstrap molasses with refreshing notes of ginger and lime. Think of it as a less-fiery version of our Devon Stormy.

How to Make a Devon Sunset

- 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
- Fresh Lime Wedge (Garnish)
- Ice
Add ice, ginger ale, and fresh lime juice to a glass. Float the rum on top and garnish with a fresh wedge of lime.
Devon Rum Co Devon Sunset Cocktail with Black Spiced Rum on the Beach
And there you have it - a thirst quenching cocktail that looks great in a rocks glass and is perfect for summer sundowners with friends.

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