We're on a mission!

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that all rums are not created equal. Some are great and some are, well…..not!

We’re in the Craft Rum business; we’re all passionate about what we do and we’ve made it our mission to show everyone what is so amazing about Craft Rum, what makes it so different to mass-produced alternatives and why you should try it! (even if it does cost a few quid more!)

Craft rum is produced by smaller companies, in smaller batches, with passion, using quality base rums, quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Rum drinkers prefer craft rum over commercial rum due to its smooth taste, high-end quality, and authentic flavour. Craft spirit producers generally manufacture on a small scale and they have a hands-on approach to the process, typically blending, compounding and bottling themselves on-site.

When you buy craft rum, you are buying a story, a high quality, better product from a company that cares about what they are selling you, cares about how it is produced and cares about their impact on the environment.

- Dave - December 2020