What does it mean to be a Carbon Negative brand?

We’re committed to being carbon negative.

This means removing more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere than produced in our operations, thereby creating a negative carbon footprint.

Each year we calculated our annual carbon footprint, look at initiatives to reduce our CO2 emissions and then working with partners like @carbonfootprintltd and @moortrees.org we calculate our annual footprint. Once we have identified how many tonnes of CO2 our company activities generate, we offset in excess of that, by planting a calculated number of trees on Dartmoor, ensuring that the calculation means we take more carbon out of the atmosphere than we add.

“As they grow and mature, our new native woodlands lock up carbon, help to prevent flooding, provide habitat for precious woodland wildlife and, by expanding the area and connectivity of woodland, gives wildlife better chance of adapting to climate change.”