How to Make a Spiced Cuba Libre

How to make a Cuba Libre using Devon Rum Co Premium Spiced Rum

Did you know that the classic Cuba Libre is one of the world’s most popular drinks? It makes perfect sense really: it’s simple, delicious and fun to say. But don’t be deceived – this classic cocktail is more than just a rum and coke! 

The Cuba Libre is elevated above and beyond the humble rum and coke thanks to one simple ingredient – lime. Believe it or not, this easy addition provides the drink with an entirely different personality and taste. 

You see, the citrusy smack of the lime helps to bridge the gap between the sweetness of the cola and the spice of the rum. Better yet, the vibrant green of the lime helps to add some much-needed colour to your glass, especially when doubled-up as a garnish.

The Best Cuba Libre Recipe

To create the best Cuba Libre, you’ll need:

 - 50ml of our Premium Spiced Rum

- A quality cola, such as Fever-Tree’s Madagascan Cola

- Limes

- Plenty of ice

Start by filling a highball glass with loads of ice. Next, add 50ml of our Premium Spiced Rum, before filling the remainder of the glass with your cola. To finish, squeeze in a generous amount of lime juice and give everything a stir. If you’re feeling fancy, add a slice of lime to the rim of your glass for garnish.

What does Cuba Libre mean?

The iconic Cuba Libre cocktail was first created during the late 19th century and translates to ‘Free Cuba’. It’s generally believed that it was named after the rallying call of the Cuban Liberation Army, who fought for Cuba’s freedom during the Spanish-American War.

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